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Goran Popovic


Goran Popovic

Hi there! First, thanks for stopping by, taking the time out of your busy schedule to check my web site out. This is the part where you get to read about me, so get ready for a lot of "I'm"'s and "I"'s. Here it goes! I'm passionate about music and photography. I love architecture, a clean visual aesthetic, Polaroid and other toy cameras, 35mm film, 6x6 format, custom guitars and loud music. I share the idea of vinyl covers being super. I'm in love with Iceland and Japan. I think Warhol and Banksy are amazing. I’ve traveled quiet a lot in the past seven years when I decided to work and travel for a living. So, when I'm not working and traveling, I travel more. In the photographs you are about to see, you will be able to recognize some of the landmarks, spots, areas of the world that might be on your bucket list, or places you might have visited already. Awesome. Some of those photos are accompanied with stories I’ve written that have been published in numerous photography and life style magazines, including the one where there is a half-naked chick on the cover of it, with a bunny symbol. Combining camera modifications with a non-conventional approach helped me to create stunning imagery of my name written on that trendy lattè cup. I use a smart phone often as a visual diary, and to comment on recent events with hideous photos which I will post and share with you all on the World Wide Web. Most of my visual interventions tend to provoke, and annoy the shit out of people. I love it that way so there is absolutely nothing you can do about it. Ha! Friends tell me I can be really annoying on social media sites. And that's great! Concept behind this web project lays in the idea where you get to see some of my work I'm proud of. There are few photo galleries that I have decided to call STORIES. These images tell a story of a place, story of a moment, event, person, whatever the case may be. Just like in life some things we hear or experience are sad, and some hopefully happy. There are images that will trigger these emotions. I'm happy you chose to visit! I hope you'll love it, or you'll hate it.



Photographs you are about to see were taken on the opening day of the exhibition called "Revealing Of The World" showcasing work that has never been published not seen before that day. Exhibition featured photographs, 50x50 cm in size displayed from the inner side of the displayed window and were covered with hand tailored black cloth with a tiny red triangle at the bottom right corner, accenting the cloth and visually telling the observer where to lift the cloth from in order to view the "hidden" gem. Exhibition took place in Zabok, Croatia for the event called "Dani Gjalskog".